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Our board is comprised of parents and community members who have a vested interest in helping Compass fulfill its mission and vision. This talented team of people brings strong skills and commitment to their positions, and we are grateful for their expertise and stewardship!

All meetings take place on the third Monday of the month at 5:30p and are open to the public. During the pandemic, our meetings are taking place on Zoom. If you would like to join, please reach out to the School Leader, Jan Harrison (, or the Board President, Gina Curler ( to get the link to the meeting.

  • Gina Curler, M.A.

    Parent of CCCS student

    Board President

    I have been on the search for more creative, innovative options for education since high school, when I wrote my college application essay about how school dampened my natural love of learning. The essay got me into Colorado College, which was most recently voted the most innovative college by U.S. News & World Report. After having my love of learning reignited, I went on to work on a PhD in Anthropology from UW Madison. I have over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit world, ranging from working for Colorado College's Development department, to the Center for Field Assistance and Applied Research at the Peace Corps in Washington, D.C. (her only governmental stint), to Assistant Producer at Wisconsin Public Radio's "Here on Earth." Just over a decade ago, I moved to Fort Collins to create humans (future Compass students!) and to help my husband found No Barriers, a non-profit dedicated to providing transformative experiences for people facing adversity.In my role of being "married" to No Barriers, I have worn many hats, from creating fundraising strategies, to program and curriculum development, to frankly, stuffing envelopes...Most recently, I have been involved with redeveloping the No Barriers Field Campus in Red Feather, and in creating scholarships for Lincoln Middle School students to travel to Costa Rica. When not entrenched in raising children or starting Compass and No Barriers, I enjoy ceramics and playing cello.
    Gina Curler, M.A., Parent of CCCS student
  • Russ Brown, M.Ed.

    Retired High School IB History Teacher, Published Author

    Board Vice President

    I am a veteran educator in the Poudre School having taught for over two decades. During that time I have worked with a wide array of students including students seeking their GED, returning to high school after dropping out, taking Advanced Placement courses, and pursuing their International Baccalaureate diploma. I have been recognized for my teaching with awards including the Colorado DAR Outstanding Teacher of American History, Poudre School District Excellence in Education Award, and Fort Collins Sam’s Club Teacher of the Year. I am the co-author of Student-as-Client (Phi Delta Kappan, March 2014) as well as articles that have been published in American Diplomacy, The American Historian, and Principal Leadership.
    Russ Brown, M.Ed
  • Anthony Burrell, CPA

    School Outreach Coordinator, New Harmony High School, New Orleans

    Board Treasurer

    I am a native of New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of New Orleans and a CPA. I have seven years of professional services and accounting experiences, five of which were spent at Ernst & Young where I provided financial and non-financial assurance services to public and private companies, and most recently at Envestnet where I was the Revenue Manager. Looking to make a positive difference in the world, I recently completed the prestigious Education Pioneer Fellowship, a program designed to move exceptional talent in finance, management, and operations into the field of education to support innovation and growth. I have been living in Denver for the past three years. I am now working as the Finance and Accounting Controller for KIPP Colorado, and am excited to work with the Compass team and contribute to Compass Community Collaborative School as the Board Treasurer.
    Anthony Burrell
  • Chris Whitman, B.S.M.E., MBA.

    Manager of Product Strategy and Design

    Board Secretary

    I love to solve problems! Over the course of my career I have focused my personal development into becoming a process and product improvement superhero with a singular focus on customer value. I mostly use my powers for good, but I sometimes use them for awesome! I am equal parts agilest, designer, product guru, salesperson, educator, engineer, manager, consultant, and marketeer in the mechanical and software product development industries. I'm currently the Manager of Product Strategy, Design and User Experience, focused on bringing a Voice of the Customer and Text Analytics app to market. Outside of work, the running and mountain biking trails around Fort Collins keep me sane, and I have a second job as an event producer & live performance musical mixmaster. Lastly, I am the father of a Compass student, who definitely uses his powers for awesome!
    Chris Whitman
  • Jaslen Guzman, B.A.

    CSU Student and Former Compass Founding Board Member

    Board Member

    I joined the Compass team as a junior in high school, intrigued by the concept of a more personalized approach to learning. My involvement pushed me to reflect on my own experiences as a student and I realized how limited I and lots of other students felt in some ways. It was inspiring to meet so many passionate people wanting to address some of these concerns. I was introduced to my major through the Compass team and have learned a lot during my time at CSU, I am excited to share my perspective as a board member. I am earning my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family studies. I plan on using this degree to connect and give back to individuals and families of my community.
    Jaslen Guzman Board Member Headshot